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Jennifer Goodhue is an established performer with over 30 years of acting and improv experience. As an accomplished writer and producer, she’s considered ‘the fifth Baroness’ ( our-favourite-guest-players-on-baroness-von-sketch-show-1.5800825) after working for five seasons of the ground-breaking sketch comedy Baroness Von Sketch Show.

Her creative talents have been cultivated over a lifetime of diverse experiences. Born in Ottawa, Canada, her high school years were consumed with completing in the Canadian High School Improv Games, and performing with the local sketch troupe Skit Row High. After studying Theatre at the University of Ottawa, she moved to Toronto to join the Second City Touring Company, then the Second City MainStage. Along with a stellar ensemble cast, she co-created 5 Second City MainStage shows, including the Canadian Comedy Award winning Pshychedelicatessen.
She was one of the few actors chosen to perform sketches for The Conan O’Brien Show in Toronto. From then on, she rapidly transitioned from theatre to television when she co starred on CTV’s Comedy Inc. Her television credits include Children Ruin Everything, Working Moms, The Beaverton, and 11.22.63. She was the english voice of Airmaster, and
She’s proudly performed in several quintessential Canadian sketch shows, including CBC’s Tallboyz, Baroness Von Sketch Show and the iconic Kids in the Hall Reboot on Amazon.

Kids In The Hall:

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